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for friday.

My Choices for Friday 2/4:

Young & Dangerous II
My Wife is 18
My Schoolmate the Barbarian
Women from Mars

and, of course, Trigun: Ep 3.

as always,
VOTE TIME. *cue dramatic chords*


PS: Destinie - what were the links you were telling me about Friday for downloads? I have a horrible memory.
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My wife is 18
Y&D 2
I second that vote, actually, both movies.

My wife is 18
My Schoolmate the Barbarian

(If we decide to go with Y&D 2 we'll need to get the dvd from Ren before she leaves to go home) just a thought...
we didn't know she was going out of town.
I found out Friday. Ren said she was going home for the weekend. But, if y'all still wanted to see Y&D2 that's okay too.
nah its ok. we can see whatever.
ah, true. it totally slipped my mind.
Women from Mars
My Wife is 18

--I'm adding you to my friends list Andrea, I'll give you the links through there--

k, cool. added you back.
If you guys want to see Y&D 2 just let me know and I can leave it. It thought I mentioned last week I wouldn't be here this time...anyways...or we can wait to a weekend when I am here if you want to see it! ^___^ I can't wait to show it sometime...cause this week I'll have the set complete! ^^

Love and Peacea!


Hope you guys have fun...I'll miss being there!